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Proud owner of a yarn winder!

After I bought the recycled sari silk yarn I realised that I need a winder to turn the skeins into balls.
Ofc I could use my suffering mister, but having a yarn winder also seemed lovely yarn-geeky.

I searched a few forums and soon realised the easiest and cheapest way to get one was our local Ebay, Tradera.  I even found 2 on Tradera the first day, but lost the first auction by a gnats whisker. tr But I won the second auction, delivery was a bit slow but now it has come home.

The recycled sari silk will be the first to go on, but I've also got lots of handspun wool coming soon so it will be kept busy!  :)

Aran cardigan finished!

This is the Cycling Aran pattern  by Adrian Bizilla at Hello Yarn. Pattern can be found at Hello Yarns website

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="383" caption="Cable in back was not in original pattern but I added it since I had seen it on other projects at Ravelry and thought it looked nice. And it made it more fun to knit."][/caption]

My very own tags!


Why the i-cord is called i-cord

Elizabeth Zimmermann was an British-born knitter that came up with the useful i-cord. Apparently the "i" stands for "idiot" since she thought the technique was so simple anyone could learn it. (from the Knitting Daily).

My significant other wondered about it, since so many things have "i" in the beginning these days,   so I looked it up :)

All the pieces are done!

Now for the lovely job of putting shoulders together with kitchener stitches, blocking, putting the rest together, knitting in the neck, finding a zipper that recipient will like and putting that in...