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Making a present

Sometimes I get too many ideas for things I want to do. I have barely finished the granny vest, already started on the green cabled cardie for Winston, when I suddenly have the idea to make an aran throw as a wedding gift for a couple that is tying the knot in the beginning of August.
It would be lots and lots of fun to make it but the timing is a bit short - just a month away and I'm going away for a week too.

Maybe I'm just mad.

Casting on a little cardie

I wanted to make a little cardigan with cabling on it for my little godson.  After making the Cycling Aran for my significant other, I sort of got a cable bug, and am dreaming of making a St Brigid sweater out of Alice Starmore's Aran Knitting. But But I am holding that off for a bit, it would be a major undertaking.  Better to do something small. :)  After browsing through Ravelry patterns for ages I ended up with a pattern from Drops/Garnstudio.  I choose Karisma for yarn as I like the wooliness better in this than in the suggested Merino extra fine, and also I prefer this color. Little Winston's mother (Einar is his real name but sometimes I call him Winston, its his second name) likes to dress him in green. 

I am going to make a few modificatons to the pattern, reverse a couple of the cables for better symmetry, and also let the cables on the front edges continue up over the hood, like some other ravellers have done. I am not sure how much moss knitting I will be doing, it…

Drooly wool

I have actually bought a spindle and some wool and have tried spinning some with it. I got yarn out of it but it wasn't exactly pretty! :)  But time and again I drool over stuff like this delightful top from widdershinwoolworks@etsy. Some day  maybe even I will be good enough to spin yarn from things like this...  :)