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So much yarn, so many ideas, so little time...

I bought loads of yarn in Dublin. I already have loads of yarn stashed before that. I just got a gift certificate for a local yarn store for my birthday. My spinning wheel arrived a week ago, so I can start making my own yarn, on top of all the stash. I have project list a mile  long.

Fabulous freeform!

A friend sent me a link to And I fell in love. The most amazing colors and shapes spring out from the pictures in the gallery.

Artwork & Photo by Prudence Mapstone

More pictures on Prudence's flickr-page

I can see handbags forming before my inner eye.... This bag by Renate Kirkpatrick, find her website here and her  Etsy shop here

Frustrating to be a noob

I'm going to take a spinning class in 2 weeks time. As of this moment, I can't wait! I feel such noob. I pieced together the Fidelis with no problems.
But as to actually using it, I'm having so many problems. Treadling evenly and clockwise, for a start. Getting the actual wool on the actual bobbin? It just twists and twists but doesnt seem to roll up on the bobbin. Some site said i had to increase the tension, but i dont see how I can screw that flap on any tighter. As for getting some kind of flow in the distribution of wool into the machine , I havent even started. Lucky I got some cheap wool on a sale recently. Maybe that's the problem, the wool is too old and dry? How do I know?

My spinning wheel is in this box!


The roundabout spinning wheel

For my birthday I wished for a spinning wheel. I had tried a drop spindle but I just had a feeling it would be easier to get the tension right on a proper wheel.  I found the Fidelis wheel from, and my lovely bf sent off for it.

We got a UPS tracking number, and I followed it religiously as it travelled.   After a few stops I thought it was taking a very roundabout route - but figured, maybe all International UPS packages travle thru Chicago, big international airport. But the next stop was... Salt Lake City! By then something was up. And I started reading the manifest a little more closely and found we had gotten the wrong tracking number - it wasnt my wheel!

Have sent off email for the correct tracking number but as of yet no news.