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Fredag kl. 10.10. Imorgon lördag kl. 15.00 ska detta vara en färdig väst till min mamma, är tanken. Here we go!

Kl. 11.00

Kl. 12.02

Kl. 13.28

Kl. 15.42. Behövdes fler rutor.


Fredag kväll: Påbörjade ryggrutan. Bytte till virknål 4mm, istället förr 3mm, som jag virkat resten av rutorna med.

Lördag: 07.24. Fortsättning på ryggrutan.

Lördag kl. 10.58. Hmm. den här täcker ingen rygg än på ett tag...

Follow your arrow

So, on a whim this January Friday night, I decided to frog the Wingspan that wasn't going anywhere and instead use the rainbow-coloured yarn for Ysolda Teagues Myster KAL Follow your arrow, that seems to be the hottest thing in da knittaverse this winter. 2000 projects on Rav as we speak.
Using Lityarn's fingering:
I've never done a KAL before so this will be exciting!
Here we go, casting on!

* * * * * * * *

Update, same night.

I'm on row 20 or something and have already made a mistake. Row 8-14 was supposed to be garter stitch but I missed that, and now I can't be bothered to unravel and start over.  Also I'm wondering if I should do the whole clue in stockinette. What I've seen of spoiler images don't really appeal to me with the lacey part in garter.