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Planning The Lakenvelder

This is the first post after having moved from the old wp platform. I reckoned, I already gave my soul away to google, lets move this blog too. 

My lovely boyfriend needs a new cardigan. He likes simple stylish clothes, with no frills. I started browsing through Ravelry for something that would suit him, as well as being a fun knit, not being a fan of big areas of plain stockinette. I found the Lakenvelder, a Berroco pattern.

Ravelry: Lakenvelder pattern by Cirilia Rose

Bf does not want the pockets, but otherwise he liked it.
So, now, to pick a yarn.

Swatching I imagined this in one of my favourite yarns, the Donegal Aran, or the Istex Létt-Lopi, but the pattern calls for worsted yarn.
I never was one fot swatching but this time I figured it was worth the time to make some swatches.

I made them in pattern stitch, a nice slip-stitch that looks very promising for a cardigan:

in multiples of 4+3 stitches ( I made a swatch of 27 sts),
Row 1: (RS) *Kn1, sl1 wyib, kn1, p1*, rep unt…

Fantabulous crochet tunic!

Can't wait for the pattern to turn up on Ravelry.

65 Mystique | Doris Chan: Everyday Crochet:

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Going to Greece

I'll be in Greece for a week, have had some problems with what to bring as knitting project, in the end I'm bringing some Drops Delight and have just knitted the first few rounds of a Revontuli.