Planning The Lakenvelder

This is the first post after having moved from the old wp platform. I reckoned, I already gave my soul away to google, lets move this blog too. 

The Lakenvelder cardigan, photo  © Berroco Inc.
My lovely boyfriend needs a new cardigan. He likes simple stylish clothes, with no frills. I started browsing through Ravelry for something that would suit him, as well as being a fun knit, not being a fan of big areas of plain stockinette. I found the Lakenvelder, a Berroco pattern.

 Ravelry: Lakenvelder pattern by Cirilia Rose

Bf does not want the pockets, but otherwise he liked it.
So, now, to pick a yarn.


I imagined this in one of my favourite yarns, the Donegal Aran, or the Istex Létt-Lopi, but the pattern calls for worsted yarn.
I never was one fot swatching but this time I figured it was worth the time to make some swatches.

I made them in pattern stitch, a nice slip-stitch that looks very promising for a cardigan:

in multiples of 4+3 stitches ( I made a swatch of 27 sts),
Row 1: (RS) *Kn1, sl1 wyib, kn1, p1*, rep until last 3: kn1, sl1, kn1.
Row 2: *p3, kn1* until last 3, p3.

The Donegal was way to heavy, even tried to go down to 4mm needles but it was still way off. Pity, because I really like that yarn and think it's tweediness would suit the pattern, but there you go.
Next, the Létt-Lopi. It was also too heavy on 4.5mm needles but might just cut it if I go down to 4mm.
The Létt-lopi also comes in 49 squishy colours, so the bf will have to make up his mind.. :)

Then I made a swatch in Svarta Fårets raggsocksgarn, because this single skein was lying around in my stash, and work was slow... and lo and behold, that swarch was perfect in size, on 4.5 needles, as the pattern was made for. Now it is up to the bf what yarn he wants.


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