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Granny fashion

Paul Smith had this in his collection fall 2010. Absolutely fabulous. 

More here:

Reorganising my stash corner

My bf/significnant other have one room we share for hobbies/crafting.
In my part of the room I have a desk, a big Ivar shelf, and an old cupboard, or dresser, that has followed me around almost since I moved out from my parents.

But, as stashes do, mine have outgrown the boxes in the Ivar shelf it lived in, and bags of yarn are littering the floor to the extent that its hard to see the floor boards.

Solution? Off to IKEA.

We got an Expedit shelf, actually quite often used in stores in Sweden.
My stash corner now resembes a yarn shop, with all the luxury yarns exposed on the shelves and the more everyday yarns in boxes.

It is a great inspiration to be able to sit and watch and squeeze the lovely wooliness as I ponder my next project.

Donegal Tweed made from soft merino wool

I have a small love affair with the Donegal Tweed from Donegal Studios. I bought a few skeins in different colours when I was in Dublin, Ireland, not enough to make anything like a sweater, but have knit several little cozies and stuff with it. I really like the colours and the little tweedy flecks in the yarn, but can see that maybe I wouldn't knit anything that is worn  next to the skin as it is quite rough to the touch.

Not so anymore. I got a newsletter from Knitter's review, in which they were reviewing the new Donegal Tweed, from the same studio, but made in super soft Australian Merino wool.

In-Depth Review of Knitting Yarn

The article asks, can it still be called Donegal tweed if it isn't made from the local Irish wool? And goes on to ask: Does it really matter? Personally, I would say no. But I'm a yarnjunkie. :)

This new soft tweed comes in the same colourways as the original aran yarn, including the one called "Eggplant", the one I really like, its …