Donegal Tweed made from soft merino wool

I have a small love affair with the Donegal Tweed from Donegal Studios. I bought a few skeins in different colours when I was in Dublin, Ireland, not enough to make anything like a sweater, but have knit several little cozies and stuff with it. I really like the colours and the little tweedy flecks in the yarn, but can see that maybe I wouldn't knit anything that is worn  next to the skin as it is quite rough to the touch.

Not so anymore. I got a newsletter from Knitter's review, in which they were reviewing the new Donegal Tweed, from the same studio, but made in super soft Australian Merino wool.

In-Depth Review of Knitting Yarn

The article asks, can it still be called Donegal tweed if it isn't made from the local Irish wool? And goes on to ask: Does it really matter? Personally, I would say no. But I'm a yarnjunkie. :)

This new soft tweed comes in the same colourways as the original aran yarn, including the one called "Eggplant", the one I really like, its sort of blackish with colourful spots in it.

Orchid Pink
Deep Pink

I'm in the middle of re-organizing my stash room (half a room, really) and am overwhelmed with bags of wool as it is, otherwise I would order some immediately.


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