Something borrowed....

Beautiful knitting site sent this poem excerpt out in their latest newsletter. While I may not be quite so focused on my knitting to lock out all others, I did smile when I read it... :)
An excerpt from "Machinery Doesn't Answer Either, but You Aren't Married to It" by Ogden Nash

Life will teach you many things, chief of which is that every man who talks to himself isn't necessarily out of his wits;
He may have a wife who knits.

Probably only he and his Maker
Know how many evenings he has spent trying to raise a conversationwhile his beloved created sweaters by the acre.
Ah, my inquiring offspring, you must learn that life can be very bitter,
But never quite so much so as when trying to pry a word out of a knitter.

Sometimes she knits and sits,
Sometimes she sits and knits,

And you tell her what you have been doing all day and you ask what she has been doing all day and nothing happens, and you tell her what you would like to do this evening and ask her what she would like to do this evening and nothing happens, and you think you will disintegrate if you don't get some response, and you speak tenderly of your courtship and your bridal,

And you might just as well try to get a response out of an Oriental idol,

And you notice a spasmodic movement of her lips,
And you think she is going to say something but she is only counting the number of stitches it takes to surround the hips;

And she furrows her beautiful brow, which is a sign that something is wrong somewhere and you keep on talking, and disregard the sign,
And she casts a lethal glance, as one who purls before swine...


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