The Saga of the St Brigid, part 1

Last summer I was in Dublin, and bought 1 kilo of a yarn at a shop in St Stephens Green. Naturally, I wanted to knit something "Irish" with it. (And, yes, it is the yarn I also have as background image for this site.)
I fell in love with the St Brigid sweater by Alice Starmore.

The problem with that one is that;
a) I am bigger than the largest version of the pattern.
b) my yarn is the wrong weight for the pattern.

I swatched, with several needle sizes, the smallest needle I could practically use with this yarn was 4 mm needles and with that I am 4 cm's off gauge.

I tried to work out the maths for how many stitches would be needed to fit my size, but in the end, I thought, Screw this, and cast on for the smallest (!) size of the sweater. I'll knit a bit and then measure and see if it works or is  completely impossible.


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